Newsletter #2 – 30th August 2019

Expert Connect Portlet

As Australia’s directory of research expertise, Expert Connect provides access to over 70,000 researchers from more than 220 research organisations. To ensure these profiles are easily discoverable by industry, we’re piloting a new way to access and display this information.

IC Global’s beta portlet allows you to embed the full searchable Expert Connect directory within your own website - facilitating access to expertise without users leaving your site. The portlet acts like a window to IC Global, so you’re always displaying the latest profile data and functionality from Expert Connect. No programming knowledge is required to make use of the portlet, we’ll simply provide you with the code to copy and paste onto a page on your website (much like embedding a twitter widget).

The portlet is another important step towards:

  • taking the burden off researchers to create and maintain multiple profiles (there’s no need to keep asking researchers to register on yet another new directory when Expert Connect profiles are automatically created and can be displayed anywhere)
  • ensuring dynamically updated researcher profiles appear in all the relevant places that people are looking for expertise

To learn more or apply to have the Expert Connect directory appear on your own website please visit the Portlets page.

Meet Our Ambassadors

Collaboration is central to the development of IC Global. Over the years, many organisations and individuals have provided invaluable contributions and helped get the word out about the platform. Building on this, we’re pleased to announce our first cohort of IC Global Ambassadors:

image of list of our list of ambassadors

IC Global Ambassadors play a vital role in driving engagement with the platform and help shape its ongoing development. We’re very grateful to have the support of such a diverse and talented group contributing in this way. If you’re interested to know more about becoming an Ambassador (or nominating one), please see our Ambassadors page.


Did you know

Encouraging collaboration between industry and research organisations is a global priority. In recent years various Australian Government departments have begun to collect reporting on ‘end-user engagement’ and societal impact to help understand whether our world-class research is being successfully translated into outcomes.

The ‘End-User Engagement Log’ is a profile feature helps experts record and track their engagement with organisations outside the research sector. The Log is pre-populated with the end-user engagement activities Expert Connect can automatically collect (such as articles written on The Conversation), with experts then able to add their own data and/or connect in their social media channels.

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Get Involved

As always, the team welcome any feedback, suggestions or opportunities to collaborate. Please do reach out with any suggestions you may have.